Function Keys Interactivity in Storyline Using JavaScript

I am creating simulation for a software in storyline. This simulation has function keys interactivity - F2,F3,F10,F11.

I was able to write trigger code - Jump to Slide when user presses F3 keys.

When I am publishing this project, the function keys are responding to the browser function keys. e.g. when I press F3, instead of going to slide F3, its showing browser's find feature.

I tried to do research on google and articulate forum for how to use functions for simulation its leading me JavaScript.

I understand that I need to use trigger - Excute JavaScript in Storyline.

But I don't know how to write a javascript.

I need JavaScript which will disable browsers function key e.g. F3 and if user presses F3 it should go to the next slide.

I guess I need two JavaScripts; the one which will disable browser's function key, and the other which will assign the user defined function that is go to F3 slide if user presses F3 funciton key.

I know there are tons of website which will give you javascript code. But I find it difficult execute in the Storyline.

I have created an example and uploaded the storylline file in this message.

Please help me to write the javascript in storyline.

Thanks in Advance.

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Jolon Wickern

I have no solution, but am responding hoping it will bump your post. There are several articles on here about how to disable function keys...and some site the javascript, but where do you put the script? In one of the published html documents? Or, is this put in a trigger in Storyline?

There has to be someone that has figured this out. This is a serious weakness of this software. Its not really a simulation if we have to resort to making people click the keys on a picture of a keyboard.