function Try again and answer

Good Afternoon,

I did a quiz with a question with the opportunity to try again.

At the second time with the "try again", when we have right, Story told me I am wrong... So I think I didn't do a correct parameter.

I send you 2 screenshots of the slide... the parameters and the result with the wrong answer from story.

Thank you for your feedbacks.


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Fabienne Sauvage

Good Morning,

Thank you for your feedback. 

Here is the storyline file. When we published the module in htlm, the question is working. Now the module is integrated in a sucess factory platform... and it seems we have problems with the slide result after clicking try again... and when we put the right answer the 2dn time.

In the platform when there is a quiz, I chose the status passes / failed

You have the screenshot of the first mail.

Thank you for your feedback.


Daniel Servan

Hi Fabienne,

You must change the quiz to PICK ONE instead of a drag n drop. You need to Convert to Freeform Quiz.

In Pick One, you can set either "1" or another "1" are correct if both drag from left or right.
Currently, these options 1 1 can only drag into the specified target to make it correct.
Once you interchange 1 1, you will get wrong feedback.

I will make you a sample of what I am talking about.


Daniel Servan

Hi Fabienne,

You may check this sample I created using Pick One method.
You can drop 1 1 in any of the target either from Left or Right (bottom target). Both are correct.

This way, you can't say you answered correctly though it is wrong because 2 targets below will accept 1 1.