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Sep 16, 2016

Hello heroes, 


I know that there have been a few threads on this topic, however none of them (atleast the ones I have read) have the answer to my question. 

I am needing to build a progress bar that tracks a users progress through a learning module, this is the easy part. However, if the user clicks to go back to previous slides, their progress should remain the same, meaning that if they have views 80% of the module and go back to where they had originaly viewed 40% it should still say that they have completed 80% and not 40%.  Note that this is not going to show in text form the % but will be using a flood bar (which has already been designed so I do not need help with that).


This would also be easy if it was exactly 100 slides and they all counted as the user progressing, but this is not the case. There are about 47 slides that count as progress, the rest do not. This is also not a quiz. 


Any assistance would be great.

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Mitch Horn

So that is how a progress bar would behave anywhere outside of SL. 

Because the user has already progressed 80% through the course, just because they are going back to recap does not change the fact that they are 80% complete ;)

I have attached a file which is not the actual build but where I am testing a progress bar. Slide 5 does not count as progress. However the issue with this one is that the progress bar vanishes when goign to slide 5 and reappears there after. It also vanishes if going back a slide. 

Leslie McKerchie
Luke Benfield

Hi Indrani,

If you want to build a progress bar, I would recommend using the slide master for the quiz questions. I would create a number variable (maybe call it QuestionCount) and set it to 0. Then create a trigger on the master slide to add 1 to that variable when the timeline starts. This way, you don't have to worry about the order of the questions.

The time consuming part would be the actual progress bar graphic. Since you have 50 questions, you would presumably need 50 versions of that graphic. Another community member may have an easier solution for this.

With so many questions, you may want to just do a question counter instead of a progress bar (ie Question 5 of 50). To do this, insert a text box and type Question %QuestionCount% of 50. This will display the count total and show the learner how far they've come. The other option would be a countdown and that may look like - %QuestionCount% Questions Remaining.

Hope that helps.

Luke Benfield

Hi Indrani,

The counter text should be placed on the master slide just like the trigger for the variable. When you create your question bank, you'll want to make sure all your questions are using that master slide. However, if your questions are using different masters (example - there is a question master for questions including pictures), then you'll want to make sure that the content and triggers are all the same across those masters (just copy/paste). You'll need to keep the same variable for everything though. Attached is a sample. Hope that helps.

Luke Benfield

No problem! To save you even more time if you already have all the questions built - after you set up the master slide with the counter text and trigger, you can select all the slides in your question bank that will use that master slide, then click the Layout drop down menu near the new slide button, and select that master layout. That will change all of your question slides automatically (but it's always good to scan and double check).

If you changed the pre-built master for questions and the questions in your bank don't look like they have changed, select the question slides and at the bottom of the layout drop down, click on the Reset button, and that should work. Good luck.

Indrani Sen

Thank you, Luke.  This is super.  

However there is a problem.  My first slide always shows 2/50, and so in the end the final count is 51/50.  I checked to make sure that all the slides have the same master slide.  Do you have any clue as to why this could be happening?  Thank you so much !



Indrani Sen

Hello Luke,

I  am using the 'counter' method for an an another project.  I am following the exact steps, but I am not seeing the results.   Please could you take a look and let me know what I am doing wrong. Here is what I did:

1. Created a master layout holding a variable for counter, and added a trigger to add 1 value.

But somehow, the preview does not show the counter.  Instead it seems to show a screen-shot of the formula for counter.  I have rechecked several times,  but cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.  The word file shows how I have used the formula to create the counter,. The quiz slides needing counter uses 'Master_Counter' slide. .Any help in this direction will be super.  Many thanks, Indrani

Wendy Farmer

Hi Indrani

looks like you had a missing _ in the reference variable.

This is what it should look like on the master slide.

Question %Question_Counter% of 28

You should use the Insert > Reference option to put the variable in the text box instead of manually typing it in.

It appears to be working correctly but your custom submit button needs looking at - it's not working on all slides.

Indrani Sen

Thank you so much, Wendy.

I will fix the formula and give it a try one!!  Yes from now, on, I will insert the variable,  This is so very helpful.

Yes, I noticed the SUBMIT button, and yes  I am working on fixing it.  I tried to make it work from the master slide, but somehow it needs to be tied to individual interaction slide, so looks like I will need to create the 'SUBMIT' button in each slide.

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