Funky Button: Is There a Right Way to Make a Button from Grouped Elements?

I've created a button using grouped elements and programmed a trigger to expose information on another layer when "Hovered Over."  This button is behaving in a funky fashion, as if it was a strobe or connected to a wire with a short!  I've attached a short video and the file for review.

I'm wondering if there is a better way (right way?!) to construct a visually appealing button AND if anyone can explain why the hover-over behaves so intermittently. I'm afraid users may "miss" the information that I intend them to see.

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Tracy Buthe

Hi Brad,

Thanks for including your file. I took a look and for some reason it had something to do with grouping things and adding a trigger to that group - I think. I put a transparent box over the button and changed the trigger to show the layer when you hover over the transparent box. While this solution works, it doesn't answer the question as to why it is happening maybe someone else knows the answer to that.

I've attached your file so you can see what I did.

Hope that is helpful!


Benjamin Passons

Also, in addition to what Tracy said about making a bigger clear transparent box for the trigger, you have animation set on that bigger graphic on the slide layer so that it's fading in (and taking .5 seconds to do it). If you want it to come in quicker either shorten that time or turn the animation off completely (from the Animations tab).

Benjamin Passons

Ooooh, I found the real reason...look at your timeline again (or at the attachment). You have the trigger set to an individual graphic and not the group as a whole. See where it's blue in the attachment? You want to associate the trigger with BTN View Codes 1 and NOT BTN View Codes 2.