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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jessica,

It sounds like you'll need to go through the repair, especially if the behavior isn't consistent. Somewhere the language setting has changed - so if you're still having difficulty after doing the repair, please connect with our Support team so that we can gather a bit more information about your set up. 

Also, what font are you using? Is it somehow a short cut key for characters in that font? 

Jessica Brown

I'm using Helvetica Neue, and it's the newest font I've installed. I did the reinstall, but it's still happening. This is so strange, and it never happened before, I'm thinking it may be an issue with this font. I changed the font to something else, and everything is fine. I think I'll just go ahead and find another font to use for this course. Thanks for your help, Ashley! You're always very helpful.

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Ron for sharing the font file. I've installed it - and I see sometimes the i with the accent - and other times an e with the dots above - it seems to be in regards to the order in which they are typed. I can't get the same thing to happen in Powerpoint or Word - and if I look at the "Insert Symbol" within Storyline for the e and i as mentioned, it shows they are mapped to the quotation mark/apostrophe key. 

To modify that, I had to go into insert symbol and on the bottom right hand corner change it from the "Unicode" set up to the "ASCII" and then I could insert apostrophes as much as I wanted.

Hope that helps - and thanks for sharing the font file so that I could test it out!