Further customisation of cursor slider in SL360 so that it shows the slider variable

Jun 30, 2020


I'd like to set up my slider so that the cursor is a circle and possibly shows the number of the current variable of the slider. Basically that it looks like the first slider on this screencapture instead of the following sliders.

Any of you geniuses have advanced tips on customising curors ?

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Michael Hinze

It you only want the first part (circle) that;s easy to do: Draw a circle shape, color it as needed, export it as a picture. Then, create a slider and change the Thumb Fill to Picture and select the circle bitmap you had exported earlier.

Creating the second option (circle and variable indicator) requires more work and I wonder if it's worth it: Create a slider, just like in option, but add states that represent position 0,...10 and add a textbox that shows 0,...10. Then, create a second slider, turn off the fill and border for both track and thumb. Add triggers that change the state of the first slider to state 0,...10 when slider variable=0,...10.

See attached a quick example. 

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