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Jun 03, 2013

I know there have been some old posts on the appearance of text in Storyline being less than crisp but nothing for a while. I have been playing around with this and  think this as a fundamental issue.  I've attached a side by side comparison between text as typed and text incorporating the best work-around I've so far come across - inserting a text variable within the text box. 

Hopefully this demonstrates that there is something seriously lacking in the standard text quality within Articulate - particularly using fonts such as Arial (often specified within corporate brand guidelines), which I think is a fundamental issue.  It's not just me - I have now had two clients reject projects on the basis of text quality.

Do others agree that this is an issue and have there been any more permanent and less onerous solutions found than inserting a variable into every single text box added?


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Peter Anderson

Hi Jeremy, 

Really sorry to hear that the text rendering issue has affected your work. It's something that is definitely on our radar and our QA guys are working hard on improving. There are several threads on the same topic, including this one, which lists some possible other workarounds. 

I'll be sure to update here with any news.

Thanks for posting. 

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