FYI: State name Review hides object

So, I'm building a lesson for grade levels 3-5 that includes information on Prefixes. The prefix I had to create a state for was Re- the root word view. So, creating a state where the user could click through the two prefixes in the lesson to choose the correct word, one state was called review, one unview.

Apparently, if you label the state of an object, "Review," that turns the object off when the trigger reaches that state. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what was causing the question to disappear when you got the text box to its "review" state. So, to fix it, instead of review as the name of the state, I created a state called correct answer, and it works fine. Just don't use "review" in your state names. 

Anyone know why this is that way? Is this a glitch? Or is this done for a reason?


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