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Aug 26, 2019

Hi all, I've been building up this board game for a bit! So far I'm really happy with the overall visual and game design, but I've been having some glitches. It seems like once you get halfway through the game the home screen (gameboard) only shows up for a second and doesn't allow you to interact with the home screen  before it advances to the next slide. It's still just a template, but let me know if you have any critique, and if there's a solution to the glitch I've been struggling with. 

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Eric Rowland

Hello Chelsea, 

So I ran through the game - I couldn't find the exact error you mentioned but I have a few things I did notice. 

Did you use the icons from Storyline to make your check-marks so that the user can move through the content? One issue I have with this is it creates a dead zone where the user cant click the button - but they are hovering over it. Its like it has been hole-punched and the user can only click the colored portion of the button. Might want to consider using a different solid icon.

Also, from a user stand point - getting questions wrong has no immediate consequence. You play through the entire game and THEN you are told if you received a passing score. It could be a long game and to play that and not progress could deter people form actually completing the game. I think the negative consequences should be immediate and not at the end of the game. Like you dont get to move 4 spaces because you got the answer wrong, or make it so they automatically lose 2 spaces every time they get an answer wrong. Something along those lines. 

About half way through I did get a repeated question, which I could not submit the answer again. I had to use the arrow to progress. 

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