Game Board Issues and Questions

Sep 24, 2013

I have been looking for a game board template that I could easily adapt for the math course I am currently creating. Miriam Krajewski's Snakes and Ladders is the closest I've come. So, I decided to play around with it to adapt it to the theme for my course, which has the learner going on a journey across an island, having to solve various math problems along the way that are put up as barriers by the Powers That Be that are in charge of the island.

I finally figured out how the states work to advance the game piece last night and realized that when I had repositioned the game board on the slide, I had messed up the states positions. I moved the board back and the position states worked when I hovered over them; however, when I publish the file, the game piece moves to a position below the game board and tracks around. I'm not sure what the problem is. NOTE: Since I am running javascript for the random number generator, I had to open the file in Internet Explorer. Forget Chrome and Firefox.

Also, I was wondering if there were any way to dismantle the requirement that learners must complete the game in less than 25 questions--without a lot of reprogramming?

Here's a link to my revised version:

I've also attached a copy of my original game board. I had thought to use a spinner, but couldn't figure out how to randomize the spins. I could set the different pointer positions on different slides like we did for the die position, but not sure of the javascript needed or how to set up the variables/conditions.

I had also wanted to include "challenge" and "chance" options that would have the learners run into challenges such as tornadoes, geysers, hails storms and have to compute a word problem based on the challenge. The chance option would allow them to move forward X number of spaces. I'd have to figure out how to program the variable for moving forward if...then.

BTW: I found the rolling dice and the sound on another game board thread: Game Counter Flickers--Rebecca Evans.

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