Game "higher or Lower" - 1 problem though :(

Mar 09, 2013


I hoped to share with you a fully working double/nothing, higher/lower game... but unfortunately there is an issue which I can't seem to solve: After the cards are indeed shuffled the first time round..they won't be shuffled for all the times after.

Initially I had the cards all stacked together, but this didn't work at all. so I scattered them around the slide, which did the trick.

 I have tried "reset to initial state, restart course trigger (which gave me just a blank slide!?), automatically decide, etc) nothing works...EXCEPT closing the project and reopening it again...

Weird thing is that if I preview the project and select to replay the entire project again IT works!...but not by using a button on the slide...:(

I would be happy if someone could take a look at this.

note: why...does the "reset to initial state" still asks whether you want to resume where you left off?

ps. I got inspired to make this game after I saw the memory game in another post.



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Wim van den Bosch

Thanks for checking Michael. However, the issue is still unresolved:

First time playing: cards are shuffled

Second time: card 1 is always "5" and card 2 is always "2"

(you were right that hide slide layer when time line finishes, should have been off, otherwise the button for try again disappears. But this doesn't solve the shuffle issue)

Anyone? Any thoughts?

Why doesn't it shuffle each and every time?



Wim van den Bosch

I tested a bit further and here I my results:

This game uses 2 slides "card 1" for the first draw of a card. "card 2" for the second draw.

After the second draw I want to give the user the option to restart the course again.

-->This won't work, since "Restart Course" gives an empty slide.

Then I put a restart course button on the first slide works.

So, I thought maybe slide 2 has a problem.

But, after some further testing...I discovered that if I put just slide 2 in a new project. again, it works!?

In other words:

if I put only slide 1 (card 1) into my project and create a button to restart the problem..and the cards are again shuffled.

the same happens when I just put slide 2 (card 2) into the project and create a restart course button, it all works fine!

But when I put the 2 slides together..the results are an empty slide.... restarting the course doesn't work.

I attached the file again with the 2 slides, but this time I created "restart course" buttons on each slide, so it's easy to see that it works on slide 1.

just copy slide 2 in a new project...and you will see that it will work also there...

Why won't they work together? Can anyone shed some light on this. I have no idea how to overcome the issue and make it work!



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