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I'm creating a DAILY DOUBLE event in a Jeopardy quiz.  At a random point I'm going to let the user make a "bet" based on their current score.

I'd like to present them with a slider they can just scroll from left to right.  I understand manually setting up a slider, but I need to do it dynamically in the middle of the game.

1) I'd like the minimum (START) and maximum (END) values to be something I can set at the moment the Daily Double is triggered.   
2) I'm keeping track of their score in a variable I've created called TOTAL, it could be 3000-4000 points by the time this triggers.
3) So when it triggers, how can use variables to set the parameters so the END is equal to their current score stored in the TOTAL variable?

I can probably figure out how to adjust the START based on getting 3) above worked out.

Thanks in advance.

Storyline 360

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Jerry Beaucaire

A lot of words, sorry.   Shorter, is there a way to set the START and END parameters of a SLIDER using variables and triggers?  So that when the slide is presented with the slider on it, if I had two variables (MySTART and MyEND) I could feed those current values into the slider?

Michael Hinze

Have a look at the attached and see if this helps at all. You probably want to add some logic in slide 1 to make sure that the start value can never be higher than the end value. Also, you may want to think about rounding the daily double value, so that users only see integer numbers (no decimals).