Game style quiz buttons using variables in questions on layers

Apr 15, 2014

I'm creating a short game style quiz within a short elearning course that will not be recorded by the LMS as the test will be provided separate to the course.

I have created a slide that will contain all of the quiz elements, by using layers to show/hide the relevent screens.

This works fine.

I have ten buttons, each button is placed around the screen over an image on the Game layer.

When the user clicks on a button, the assigned question will appear which is actually a layer.

When the user gets the answer correct, the Correct button will bring them back to the Game layer.

The Answered button will change to display the answer was correct and it is disabled by using variables to trigger these actions.

I do the same for incorrect answers.

This works fine again.

The problem is the following.

If I want to display another layer when the user clicks the Incorrect button, where they get feedback to say they got it wrong, the associated button will not change to the Incorrect state and will not be disabled.

It does work, if the incorrect button is triggered to go straight back to the Game layer though.

It also works if I put the Incorrect Feedback Layer on a separate slide and display it as a Lightbox. When the user closes the lightbox the buttons have changed to the relevant states.

I want to reduce the number of slides as much as possible, and if possible contain the whole quiz on one slide for management purposes.

Is this outcome expected when a layer is displayed before the user goes back to the quiz questions? I tested the Variable that is set to False, but changes to True when the incorrect button is clicked. The Question button state changes to Wrong and Disabled when the variable is set to True.

This does work, the variable always changes to True, but if the Incorrect layer is triggered to display first, then the button state does not change?

I hope this makes sense?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darren,

In regards to keeping it all on one slide for management purposes, I'm not sure I'm following the logic there - but based on your last paragraph it sounds like the variable isn't being set to change before the hide layer trigger, which means it doesn't have time to act. Are you able to adjust the order of these triggers and see if that changes the behavior?

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