Gamification - Hold down button to repeat action e.g. walking

Hi Heroes,

I'm looking into developing a sidescroller style game in Storyline.

I've been able to set up a scenario where the player moves left and right when the user presses those keys on the keyboard.

Is it possible to configure the triggers in any way (or by any other method) to enable the user to hold down the key to continue walking? So that they don't have to press a button repeatedly in order to move forward?

Many thanks in advance!

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Jerson  Campos

There is a key down and key up event in javascript you can use. You can use these to change variables in storyline and set up triggers to respond to these changes. 

If you are using motion paths to move the character left and right, to loop the movement you should have it repeat the motion if the keydown variable is "true". 

Christie Pollick

Hi, James -- I just thought I'd share in case you were considering using JavaScript as Jerson mentioned, that is not something for which we'd be able to provide support, but there are lots of gurus here in the community who are usually more than willing to assist. And if you wanted to check it out, here is our JS Best Practices sheet. :)