Gamification in Storyline eLearning Courses

Mar 06, 2014

Not sure if we're being too ambitious for a first try at this.  Has anyone had any experience with developing a course that has a running account total in course?

The way it works is the learner starts with $x and throughout the course, they earn/lose money for decisions that they make.  We want to try and set it up so that the ongoing total is shown throughout the course.  In addition, we want to have logic in there that would warn them if a decision they are about to make will put them in the red so that they would go back and revisit their decision.

Any ideas if this is doable?  I have extremely limited knowledge on programming codes.


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Solange Richard

Hi Alexandra,

I don't see why not.  It should be simple enough.

You just have to set a variable that keeps the amount of money.

You can display this amount with the following code %money% on the page if your variable is called money of course.

Then, for each decision they take you add a trigger to modify the value of the variable.

I've attached a sample story.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Alexandria an Solange,

Good example, Solange.

Alexandra, I added a warning slide as a lightbox slide. Then I added a trigger on the 2nd slide to show the lightbox when the timeline starts (on the 2nd slide) if the money variable is = or less than $50. So, if Learners answer "yes" to invest half on the first slide, the lightbox will pop up.

You could add that trigger to all the slides...maybe even put it in the master...I didn't try that.

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