Gamification possibilities in Storyline 360

Feb 20, 2018

I am a relative newbie at Storyline and so, I am not fully familiar with all the possibilities of the program. I have a project where we want to take a gamification approach. The learner can accumulate points to reach different expert levels that in turn will give him access to certain privileges. I would like to know from the more experienced and expert users if the following is possible in Storyline 360:

  • Each learner starts the course with a certain amount of points in his account.
  • Each time he completes a required quiz, he gets 1 point.
  • Each time he completes a required quiz without any mistakes, he gets 3 points.
  • He gets 2 points for each extra quiz (non-required) he completes.
  • He loses 1 point when he completes a required quiz with less than 60% good answers.
  • He must redo all quizzes from the beginning if he loses all his points.
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Brian Miller

Back in the day ... when we built eLearning courses from scratch, we had access to the SCORM API which allowed us to both read and write to the SCORM API. This is the solution to creating games using SCORM. You need to be able to write the SCORE to your LMS and then read the score back, in the event that the user closes the gamified course and them opens it again. 

Articulate Storyline now has variables but I don't think that Articulate gives you access to read/write via the SCORM API. I'm not sure why. It was pretty straight forward back in the day when we build courses in .... the old "flashy" tool that we used to use. 

Russell Engoran

In my experience, as long as you are publishing to a scorm spec, and choose "Always resume", all of the variables that you create in storyline should be "suspended" along with the rest of the course data.

This may not be the case if you are referencing variables only via "execute javascript".

But as long as you...

  • create your variables inside storyline
  • publish to any scorm spec
  • choose "Always resume" on restart in the player "other" properties

...your values should persist (i.e. still be there) and you should be fine.

But there are limits to the data amount (especially in scorm 1.2) so keep your values on the short side. And I am assuming you are publishing to an LMS here, so apologies if not.

Russell Engoran

If you have a lot of variables, go with scorm 2004 (3rd or 4th edition).

With scorm 1.2, the max data is 4096 characters which includes all the normal course values.

You can compare the amounts here

Even so, I use tons of variables and usually am just fine with scorm 1.2.

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