Gamified Interactivities to show each step of 5s methodology


I am working on my new e-learning module for 5S methodology. I am planning to keep a lot of interactivities in the module. I can create scenario based interactivities but I am new to gamification.   

I have seen some gamification samples but felt that they were a bit advanced for me. So, it would really help me if I can refer to some basic samples of gamification with their source files to understand them. 


Vivek Sinha

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vivek,

I'd say the "simple" or "basic" set up is likely user dependent in terms of what you're comfortable setting up - but you may want to begin by reviewing the information in this article. Also, I'd suggest looking to the Building Better Courses side of the forums where users tend to share more how to and design ideas.