Gaming timer with a problem

I found a great timer here on the forum. Unfortunately I can't find the thread nor the name of the person now. But creds to whoever it may concern. :)

The timer was great but I have made some modifications. The original timer counted every second. That is too low resolution for me.

Now it counts in step of .025s which is the lowest possible increment in ST.

In my attached example you won't see the 0.25 increments, only seconds and minutes.

My problem is that the timer jumps 10 seconds if I click on a new page just as the timer reaches a nine (9): 09, 19 or 39 for instance.

Can anyone help me to understand what is wrong?

And by the way, the exercise is to answer 12 questions by clicking on the correct answer. On time.


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Gustaf Sylvin

Thanx Phil but it seems you have removed the 0.25s increment when counting. I need that as it will be too inaccurate otherwise when users click to continue. If real time is 12 s and 99 ‘’ and the user clicks to continue it works fine but if the time is 12 s 01’’ and the user clicks continue they will lose one second.