Gap between picture and border added to picture

Especially if I crop an image prior, adding a border to a picture often leaves a visible gap between the picture and border where I can see through to the background.

I see this randomly and can't seem to "tweak" an image to eliminate this issue once it has occurred on the image.   

Attached is a story, notice the first slide montage has this problem on every image except one.

Adding a ZOOM to a pic with issue makes the issue go away, but who wants zoom on every picture?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jerry,

Is this issue on slide 2 and 3 of your file?

I know our team is investigating an issue where a white line appears between a border and an image, which sounds similar to your issue with being transparent. That matches more of what I'm seeing so I wanted to confirm with you. One workaround, while we continue to investigate this, is to put an image on top of a shape that's a bit wider to have a border vs. using the picture border.

It would also help to know what version of Storyline you're using?

The latest are: 

Let me know, and I'll link this discussion to the filed report. 

Jerry Beaucaire

I've seen this white line thing in the past, too.  I've seen this "gap between pic/border" issue in every version of SL360 I've had in the past 16 months, I just recently got into the mode to reporting this stuff.

I'm on v April 11, 2019 (Build 3.26.18601.0)   I don't see anything on any of the recent updates that indicate a fix or partial fix for this issue.

Katie Riggio

Hey there, Jennifer!

I'm happy to help investigate! To start, here's a step-by-step video of my troubleshooting steps during preview in Storyline 360, Update 37.

I'm not seeing a gap between the image and its border in the latest update, so I'll need your help:

We'll explore our next course of action from there!