Garbled text

I've recently upgraded to Storyline 3 and I'm experiencing an issue with garbled text. This happens in both preview mode and in the published version. The font used is Benton Sans, not a standard font, but this is my companies brand font and is fully installed. It was used in all our SL2 courses without issue. My colleagues have the same problem.

I'm wondering if anyone else has had something similar and has any recommendations?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Richard,

What did it look like on the slide while editing? Is it only that font which is causing you challenges or any custom fonts in Storyline 3?

I saw this issue myself once before and had to uninstall the font, uninstall Storyline and then reinstall the font and Storyline again - but that was for a font type that should be included in Storyline. Could you try those steps and let me know how it works after that? 

Richard Donoghue

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the advice. To answer your questions, whilst editing there's no problem at all. Unfortunately, I work for a large organisation with a standard build for all laptops. Benton Sans is the only custom Opentype font installed, so I'm unable to test the issue with another one. All others are standard Truetype fonts found on any windows machine and so far they've all be fine.    

I'll ask our tech team to reinstall Storyline and Benton Sans. Then I'll let you know the outcome.

Thanks again, I appreciate your help.


Patricia de Souza

I have had a similar issue... though not with garbled text but with the format of the text in the text box - if for example it is centered  - it is fine in the preview, but when I publish the formatting has changed completed - the alignment is all over the place! and this is happening on just one slide 

Any ideas on how to rectify this?? (I am using the trial version of SL3... so far with all the issues I have had  - Im not so impressed :( )

Patricia de Souza

it was only a temporary fix...  having done some work on my project, previewing several times was fine but when I came to publish it,  it started  doing it again...... though I have noticed it only happens when I publish to web.... if I publish to CD the formatting is fine!....

I also noticed that publishing to Web causes some of my variables and triggers to stop working properly (eg I have a trigger that subtracts 1 when a question is incorrect - when I publish to Web some of these triggers start subtracting 2  instead of 1) .... again if I publish to CD the issue disappears

any idea what is going on here - as it is seriously doing my head in!!!


Craig Hadden - Remote Possiblities

Hi Richie, long time no see!

I'm having the same issue with Benton Sans in SL3. Did you find a solution?

If I publish the same course for CD (or from SL2), the output looks fine. However, in SL3 the Benton Sans font family is garbled when previewing, or when published for LMS (even when tested from a web server).

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Craig,

I don't know if Richard is still subscribed here - but you could always use the "contact me" button on a ELH users' profile to reach out to them directly! 

Did you look at the steps of uninstalling the font, Storyline and then installing both again? I know that worked for a few other custom fonts for me earlier. 

Craig Hadden - Remote Possiblities

Thanks Ashley. I'll contact Richie.

I haven't yet tried uninstalling and reinstalling, as I don't have admin rights on the PC so would have to lodge a couple of support tickets. That's not something I'm keen to do, but it might come to that if I can't find a more certain solution...

Richard Donoghue

Here's an update. I had our technology people reinstall Storyline 3 and the font package but it didn't fix the problem. I've noticed how sometime when I open an old SL2 in SL3 a message appears to say Benton Sans is not installed on this computer, although this doesn't always happen. I will ask our technology team to investigate further and see if they have any suggestions. Unless there's anything else we can try?  

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Richard for that update. Would you be willing to send us a copy of one of the Benton Sans files from SL2 and the font files? We're also happy to give it a try and see if we come out with the same issue of the garbled text.

As for the "missing font" message - that's something we have reported to our team as a bug, and it's a bug in that the message is incorrect as the fonts are truly installed. We'll keep you posted on that! 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Christy,

There are a couple of different issues mentioned here in this thread, so I want  to start fresh. It sounds like you're using a font called Benton Sans in your project. Can you tell me more about the problem you're seeing? Are you seeing garbled text when you preview the slide?

Also, what version of Storyline 3 are you using? You can check by going to the Help tab and clicking About Storyline