Gated navigation, then open navigation

I created a course where the learners are forced to go through in a linear fashion. They can't advance to the next screen until all interactions/audio is complete. 

The client is now requesting that once a learner completes the course on the LMS, and then relaunches the course, she would be able to advance through the screens without having to wait for the interactions/audio to complete. 

How can I do this? Do I need to pull in variables from the LMS?  



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Matthew Bibby

Hi Claudine,

This can be done using variables as long the user resumes the module when they open it for a second time.

Quick overview:

  • Create a new T/F  variable called 'ReviewingModule' or similar and set this up to be False by default.
  • On the final slide of your course, have a button that says 'Review Module' or similar and two triggers. The first trigger should change the 'ReviewingModule' variable to True and the second trigger should jump to the start of the module.
  • Then you need to add some conditional triggers to the navigation so that it allows people to skip ahead if 'ReviewingModule' is True. 

I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you need any further help with this.

Jason Reed

Hi Claudine,

Matthew is right, it can definitely be done.

To expand on what he's said, whenever I've locked down navigation, I've made a T/F variable for each of the next buttons. They only show once the VO is complete or once a user has completed an interaction, just like yours.

What Matthew has suggested is correct. If the user clicks something that changes that variable from False to True, when they go back through the course, all of the navigation buttons will be available.

To get around users having to resume a module every time, you could add in something like a password or shortcut that unlocks the course. For example, when the user reaches the end of the course, they get a password that they can enter at the start the next time they come in. This would be a text variable on one of the first screens that triggers the variable to change. Alternately, you could do this with a combination of keys. So, if the user presses SHIFT, ALT, T it changes the variable.

Incidentally, this kind of shortcut can be handy to go through the course quickly yourself when you want to do QA.

Hope that helps :)

Seth Ozen

Matt, Jason,

Thank you both,

I have tried this with one of my earlier lessons and it works; with many things to consider. One question; how do you suppress suspenddata command so that you don’t see “Resume where you left off” every time you want to review it once the lesson has been marked complete? 

Jason, I couldn’t get your theory to work. It already shows that message before you put in a password or a key combination.