Gears Animation Issue

Sep 28, 2016

Hi all,

I am fairly new to Storyline. I'm trying to create a pulley animation whereby when a user clicks on a particular gear/marker, it spins and opens up a new layer which is linked to the gear/marker. The triggers/variables seems right but doesn't seem to be working the way it should be or probably I just got the wrong workings. I managed to linked it up but all of the layers would just randomly pop up after clicking all of of the gears, it kind of somehow doesn't reset/loop the variables. It doesn't open up the right layer. I'm not sure how to solve this and have been popping my eyes and mind out from the variables. I've attached a the file for easy understanding of the issue.

Is there any easier/simpler way of achieving this?

Your help and advice are greatly appreciated.

Many thanks...


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julia collins

Hi Richard, firstly I love the gear idea!

I would like to help you but the file you gave me seems to work fine, all layers are opening as expected eg when you click on marker one it opens layer 1 every time and so on .I am notseeing where "all of the layers would just randomly pop up". Could you describe what you want to do in greater detail and I will atempt to help you.

Mortigou Labunda

Hi Julia,

Thank you for the prompt response. The layers wouldn't randomly pop-up at the first time.

Try clicking on the Gear 1, followed by 2 then 3. And repeating the clicks again then going the other way round or randomly clicking the any of gears/markers after that. I find that at some point, When you click on Gear 1, layer 3 will pop up instead of layer 1, or, Layer 2 or 1 will pop up instead of layer 3 when clicking on Gear 3 

Try giving it a few rounds and probably you'll see what's going on.

Thank you Julia!

Mortigou Labunda

Hi Wendy,

Thank a lot for the guidance. How do I achieve the same animations or similar effects by putting the gears on the base layer?

For example, when Gear/Marker 1 gets clicked on the base layer, the animation plays and at the same time showing Layer 1. It somehow look like a pulley effect. The gear changes directions and so does the layers.

Could that be done by putting all the gears in the base layer?

Also, how do you loop the timeline for the base layer?

Thank you Wendy.

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