General Observation About Latest Mobile Player Update

Oct 04, 2013

Hello all. Am curious to see how everyone is finding the latest mobile player update. I am using an iPad 3 still running iOS6. Last night I was having a good play around with some courses that I had previously run through the previous version of the player. 

Before, they played really well. Aimations looked a little stilted sometimes, but, generally, they were great and I could confidently show them off to clients. However, last night, they were hanging quite frequently and many of the animations looked like hard work. 

This isn't an issue related to my internet connection, as I always download courses onto the device to test them. 

I know that there are a number of performance issues related to iOS7, but has anyone else running courses on still on iOS6 with the new player finding any issues? I am far less confident about offering "iPad ready" solutions to clients now. 

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