Generate a document with answers of assessment when completing an e-learning

Feb 15, 2021

Hello everyone,

I need to add thre open-ended questions to an e-learning with a self-assessment connotation.

And ideally at the end of the e-learning the learners get the consolidated list of all their actions to implement. 

Ideally this could be even generated in a PDF file at the end of the e-learning so people could download it, or sent by email. Would that be feasible?

Thanks a lot!


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Mark Oliver Arreza

Hi Elin,

You may want to consider including a Results slide at the end of your course. Check this knowledge-based article out on Adding Result Slides.

Although there is no direct option yet to save the results as PDF, the article I linked will teach you on how to provide an option to print the results. On the print menu, the learners can then opt to save the file as PDF.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,