Generating a Random Number WITHOUT JavaScript

Jun 11, 2013


I am looking to generate a random number from 1-3 and based on that number, it will display a specific slide.

I was able to make this work with JavaScript. However, JavaScript is not supported on the iPad and that is the desired output needed for this project.

Does anyone know how I can choose  1 of 3 slides at random without the use of JavaScript? Any help is much appreciated.

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Hollie White


I also tried a question bank in which each "question" has a button that would go to a blank results slide. In the results slide I have 2 slide triggers...

1. Reset results when timeline starts

2. Jump to my menu slide when timeline ends.

This allowed me to return to the menu and start over and I would get a different slide from the question bank on the second try. Great!

BUT the 3rd time around and all tries after that, it would repeat the second try's slide. I can't get it randomize every time.

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