Generous hyperlink highlight

I have added a hyperlink to text, but when I publish, the highlight is somewhat generous when indicating the link.

I have circumvented the issue by removing the hyperlink and adding a shape over the top and linking to that, but would like to know for future reference - what went wrong here and how do I avoid it in the future?



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Kartik Tyagi

Hi Lance,

I think I get your problem, Just check the text to which you gave hyperlink, Is there any empty space given before the text because as I test it in my computer I gave One liner space before the hyperlink text and when I publish it then my hyper linked text start behaving just like yours.

I'm attaching my example.story file with this post for your reply, please let me know whether its worthy for you or not.


Lance Treloar

Thanks for that Kartik, but unfortunately, no.

There are no spaces or return lines after the text, and as the image above shows, the highlight (and subsequent link) extend well beyond the linked text.

I have removed pertinent data and as can be seen, the highlight now misses the text completely. (story file attached)