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Christie Pollick

Hi, CK1 -- Thanks for the image to illustrate the issue you are experiencing. Have you had an opportunity to review the following information on Changing the Player Colors, Font, and Font Size by chance? The section below should provide the assistance you need, but please let us know if you still need more help! 

Changing the Player Font

To change the font for player elements—like buttons and prompts—use the Player font drop-down. Your font selection will show in the preview area on the right side of the window.

Christie Pollick

Hi, CK1 -- Thanks for your response. Would it be possible for you to provide your file so we can take a closer look for you? You are welcome to use the ADD ATTACHMENT button in the lower left corner of the reply box to upload the file here in the thread. Or, if privacy is a concern, you would be welcome to share your file confidentially using this form

Christie Pollick

Hi, CK1 -- Hmmmn, you're right: everything appears to be in order, so that is very strange indeed. And just to cover our bases, I wanted to ask if you already have, or if you could, run through a few general troubleshooting steps for good measure. 

Please confirm you are working locally as described here, and you may want to try importing the file into a new file. If you are still having issues, you might want to try to repair Storyline. And of course, if issues persist, you are welcome to share your file. 


Yes, I've done the other steps.  I'm also working with an offsite colleague (different computer/Storyline/etc) who is experiencing the exact same issue....so it's not just my environment.

I've uploaded a stripped down version of the problematic Story file to the confidential support site.  Hopefully you see it.  Thanks for your help.

Christie Pollick

Hi, CK1 -- Thanks for the additional details and I see that your case (00665242) has been submitted. I will take a look and if I am unable to determine the root of the issue, I will be sure to escalate the matter to our Support Engineers for further investigation. I will be in touch shortly, and thanks for your patience!