Get 360 storyline interactions



I'm trying to get all the interactions (cmi.interactions) of each slide to send them to the LMS.
Currently we publish in HTML5 WEB and handle the sending of data with our own API: progress, status, time ...
We would like to send in addition to the results of the questions (Results.ScorePoints and Results.PassPoints) the interactions:
- id
- type
- student_response
- correct_response
- result
- weighting
- latency

Is there any way to obtain such data from Storyline 360?

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Álvaro IOE

Hi Crystal Horn,

Yes, we have an LMS, but the sending of data is not done by Storyline 360, we have our own API that sends data remotely between servers. The content is not in the LMS but it is served remotely.
We obtain the results of Storyline 360 ​​and send them through our handler. We still need to know which response was correct in the quiz, as well as the answer chosen by the user to be able to generate the interactions (cmi.interactions). 

We send the data through our API instead of Storyline 360 ​​to avoid the problem of Cross-origin resource sharing (CORS)

Crystal Horn

Thanks, Álvaro, for replying with that information!  The only supported way that Storyline can communicate this information is by publishing for LMS and choosing any of those protocols:  AICC, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and Tin Can API.

If you aren't uploading your content to the LMS directly, is using Tin Can API an option for you?  Here's more on implementing Tin Can.

I'll leave it to our community members for other ideas on getting that information without using a typical LMS protocol since we don't offer support for that type of setup.