Get a layer on all (or many) slides

Is there a way to get the same layer on many slides? There doesn't seem to be a way to copy a layer to another slide.

I don't want to put it onto the master slide because I want to show/hide it with next button triggers from the slide and (as far as I can tell) there isn't a way to have the next button trigger control a layer on the master slide.

Perhaps create a feedback master layout and then just change that?

Any other ideas?

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Steve Flowers

You can control layer visibility on the master layer through a variable listener. It's pretty much the only way to communicate between the base slide and master slide.

Create a true / false variable with default false: toggleLayer1

In your master slide, create the layer you want to toggle on and off. Call it something like Layer1 to make things simple. Make sure to uncheck Hide Other Layers.

Create two triggers on the base of the Master slide that contains this layer. One to show the layer, one to hide the layer.

  • Show Layer1 when Variable toggleLayer1 Changes if toggleLayer1==true
  • Hide Layer1 when Variable toggleLayer1 Changes if toggleLayer1==false

You can now control the visibility of this layer from anywhere simply by toggling the variable to a specific value. Setting up a trigger on your base slide, or a button on your master slide will make this happen. One of the cool things about this is your layer will automatically jump to the very front.