Get completion status of second SCORM

Hi all

I'm looking to pull a boolean value into a SCORM 1.2 of whether a second course has been completed or not into another course, from the LMS (Moodle). For example:

Course 1 - status: Passed
Within course 2 - "Course 1 status: Passed"

I've been trying to find a way to do this with Javascript but I'm getting the feeling it's not possible.
This is the post I've been looking at but I haven't been able to find what I'm looking for so far.

How would I go about getting the completion status of a SCORM to use within a second SCORM, please?

If it is possible, any help is greatly appreciated :)

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Aaron -- Thank you for reaching out with your question! While we are not able to offer support for JavaScript, we do have quite a few members of the community who are quite knowledgable in that area and are usually happy to assist! And in case you'd like to review it, I thought I'd pass along this resource on JavaScript Best Practices and Examples. :)

Dan Marsden

The SCORM specification/API doesn't really provide for this sort of thing - I have thought in the past about implementing some Moodle specific variables that can be passed to SCORM packages but this would require some development. I hadn't previously thought about including information about other activities that have been completed though.

Maybe if you could describe how/why you want this information we might be able to suggest a different way of managing it within Moodle.

Aaron Munn

Hi Dan

The first SCORM is software training - showing how to use a certain software, where everything is and how to use it.  The basics of said software. 
The second SCORM, however, builds on the first course showing more advanced features but unless the user has used the software before they probably won't understand half the processes in the second SCORM.  

Ideally, I'd like to check whether the user has completed the first SCORM, and if not, advise that they do complete it or in a perfect situation, lock specific parts of the second SCORM that requires knowledge of the first.  

Does that make sense? 

I have done some research on gamification and leaderboards, one thread suggesting using an external Wordpress site to hold the scores etc. to show within the SCORM page in Moodle. 
(I would add a link but I can't find where I saw it now! Sorry) 

Would something like this work instead?  

Dan Marsden

I'd probably just use standard activity locking in Moodle and prevent access to the 2nd scorm until the first scorm has been attempted and is complete.

You can also implement other gamification concepts into Moodle including the use of Mozilla open badges - (just google Moodle Gamification and you should pull up a range of different ideas)