Get Current Video Time from Embedded Video

I am trying to create a way to jump from an embedded video to a fullscreen version of the same video by clicking on a button.

Is there a way I could use Javascript to get the current time of video, so I could inject it as part of a variable that would include the URL and time parameter so the transition would seem (almost) seamless?

The file below shows how it works as is, with the embedded video playing, then when the user clicks on the full screen button, a new video opens with the video starting from the beginning.

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Bill -- Thanks for reaching out, and while I will defer to the community to weigh in with JavaScript solutions (as that is not something for which we provide support), I did want to pass along this thread that appears to pose a similar questions. Please check out the suggestions offered and hopefully, something will do the trick for you! :)

Bill Kelleher

Thanks Mike! Sounds like a plan. I'll have to look into how to  utilize those scripts from the player.

I'd love to use the full screen button on the player, but that button is not available when the videos are embedded into a storyline file. Is there a way to make that button work as well?