Get the Result of the Slider automatically without putting a calculate button

hello guys, can anyone help on how can i multiply the value of the slider without putting button(calculate) to get the result?

e.g when my slider slides up to 10 (the variable of my slider is slider1) i have another variable lets say "Result". So the my Slider1 = 10 multiplied by 2 so the variable of Result would be 20. I actually inserted a trigger on a button and my condition is this (Result(which is 2) multiply by Slider1( which is 10) when the user clicks the button1) and the %Result% displays 20, but what i want is to get the result automatically display to my %Result% without the help of the button.

Mathematical Formula :

Slider1 = 10 x 2 = 20Result

can anyone help me about this? thanks in advance :)

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