GetStatus() not working

I am attempting to retrieve the student's completion status in our LMS, however, all GetStatus() ever displays is "4". In the debugger window at course launch, Lesson_Status correctly displays the student's status ("C", "I", etc.). Articulate Storyline, however, refuses to budge from "4". I am running the latest version, Update 7: 1509.1408.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Joseph,

You mentioned you're seeing one thing in the LMS debug but another in the LMS set up? Have you looked at using SCORM Cloud and the LMS debug mode as described here to see if it's how the LMS is reading it or what is being sent from the Articulate output? SCORM Cloud is an industry standard for testing content and you may want to review the information here on how to set up and walk through the testing. 

Joseph Francis

The LMS (Pathlore) is receiving the course status from Storyline, is storing it, and adjusts the student's status accordingly.

At relaunch, the debugger window is receiving the status from Pathlore and is displaying it.

Storyline, however, is NOT receiving the course status (I have tried both GetStatus(); and AICC_GetStatus(); with identical results), and stays stuck on "4".

Joseph Francis

Here's a stripped-out version of what I have, so you can see the AICC data elements in action. As you can see, Status never wavers from "4," even though the course sends back either "Completed" or "Incomplete," and (on the LMS side), the status does change.

I'd like to know WHY Storyline's engineers changed the AU status from the AICC-specified characters  (P,C,F,I,B,N)  to numerals.

Emily Ruby

Hi Joseph!

Currently  our reporting is set to send numbers for the Get Status function. 

var LESSON_STATUS_PASSED = 1; //the user completed the content with a score sufficient to pass
var LESSON_STATUS_COMPLETED = 2; //the user completed the content
var LESSON_STATUS_FAILED = 3; //the user completed the content but his/her score was not sufficient to pass
var LESSON_STATUS_INCOMPLETE = 4; //the user began the content but did not complete it
var LESSON_STATUS_BROWSED = 5; //the user looked at the content but was not making a recorded attempt at it
var LESSON_STATUS_NOT_ATTEMPTED = 6; //the user has not started the content

In your debug log,  i did see it started at 6, then changed to 4. I am currently waiting to hear back from our QA team as to why we use numbers instead of Letters. Once we get an update, we will be responding to you case. Let me know if you need anything further!

Joseph Francis

Ashley, Leslie, and Emily:

Notwithstanding Articulate's use of non-industry-standard characters for reporting completion status, Storyline is not retrieving the completion status sent by the learning management system, while the provided debug log is.

I find it astounding that Articulate defers support of the scripting language, which it intentionally baked into its eLearning development tool (no doubt to keep pace with the competition), to the community at large. While a huge repository of Javascript programming conventions does exist, if the development tool we are writing the Javascript in does not execute the code properly, no amount of work-arounds will fix the fact that the development tool, Storyline, is broken.