Getting a music track to play throughout whole course

Aug 03, 2015

I have created a training course with many layers.  I have added a music track to the base layer to start when timeline starts.  This is fine until, during preview, I click my button to go to another layer then the music stops.  When that new layer hides, the music is audible again. 

On the other layers, I have had to hide objects on the base layer - if I don't hide those objects then the music continue playing (as the audio is an object on the base file).  Any thoughts?  Gratefully appreciated.  Thanks

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth,

Are you hiding the objects on the base layer and/or setting the base layer to pause? You mentioned that the audio is an object - do you mean as in a part of a video? If so, then hiding it will stop the audio, and you could also look at unhiding individual objects from within the timeline itself if you toggle open the base layer objects section. 

Storyline does not yet include a background music or playlist feature - although  it's been the discussion of a feature request.  There are some other ideas and tips in this thread for how to add the background audio within Storyline for an entire course. 

Elizabeth Blakemore

Hi Ashley

Thank you for replying.

I have added the music to the base layer with the trigger to start with
timeline (so the audio icon is on the base layer)

However when we get to some layers, I need to have objects on the base layer
hidden - as they are too messy with the base layer objects showing. This
then also hides the audio icon so it doesn't play on those layers. Is it
possible to hide or unhide individual objects on the base layer? If I could
unhide the audio icon that would solve the problem.

I know I could put the music on each layer but that would make it stop start
which is not what I want.



Parichaya Kanungo

Hi Elizabeth,

Just a quick question, have you inserted an audio file and its presiding in the base layer?

If it is an audio file, then it would continue to play even if you hide the base objects in the layers.

The second thing is that if you want to show/hide any object in the base layer. Just click on the toggle button besides the object to show/hide the object.

The area where I circled, you can click over there to unhide the object. You can do the same in layers as well.

Hope this would be helpful.



Elizabeth Blakemore

Hi Parichaya

Excuse me but I am extremely new to Articulate – only been using it since Saturday, so forgive me if I appear a bit of a dummy.

Here is a picture of my story. I am on the base layer and you can see my audio icon on this base layer.

I have some layers, where I have not hidden the objects on my base layer – and the music continues to play fine on those layers. However, on those layers I have another trigger for more information. It is when you click for more information that the music stops (I was assuming it was because on those layers, I have hidden the objects on the base layer).

Also, I can’t see the toggle you mention to unhide my audio file.

Thank you very much. I do appreciate you taking the time to help me.

Kind regards


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Liz,

Replying via email doesn't allow any attachments or images to be included in the post.

If you're referring to the audio icon that you're seeing on the slide itself, there isn't a way to hide/unhide that - as it's just indicating that the audio is there. Also, if you haven't set the slide's layer properties to pause the timeline of the base layer - the audio should continue to play through the slide layers. If this isn't working for you, we're happy to take a look at the slide in question. You can attach it here using the "Add attachment" button. 

Elizabeth Blakemore

Hi, thank you for your reply. The audio played on those layers where the base layer objects weren't hidden. However, the audio definitely stopped when any layer where base layer objects were hidden was displayed.

What I have now done is left all layers with the base layer objects showing. I then covered those base layer objects with a large rectangle formatted like the background. The music now plays throughout.

Thank you


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