Getting Data from Pick-Many User Submitted Answer

Hey All,

I am developing the feedback layers for a Pick-Many interaction and am doing so by customising the Correct and Incorrect layers that show when the user submits their answer.

What my client wants is to be able to see detailed feedback when the user is incorrect that gives very specific information like 'You have selected ANSWER', 'you should have selected this.'  Where 'ANSWER' would be the name of the incorrect choice, using the name of the object or image or timeline layer it sits on. 

Any hints would be greatly appreciated, or even another way to approach this scenario



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Richard Knudson

Hi Brodie,

Another option on this, if you want the learner to get instant feedback instead of waiting for the quiz review, is to create multiple feedback boxes which are hidden in their initial state. Then, when the learner submits their answer, you can have triggers change the state of the appropriate feedback box to normal based on the selected object.