Getting data from Storyline file when hosting on SharePoint

Nov 06, 2015

Hi guys

I'm fairly new to Storyline and have been finding the various training videos invaluable so thank-you, my course content and interactions are shaping up nicely.  :)

However, I'm now at a stage when I'm considering what is possible in terms of learner tracking and quiz results data etc. and how best to set up / host my course to support that. 

I used to work with Totara which supported this nicely but my current company uses SharePoint and would like to host the elearning here.   

So I have some outstanding questions:

  1. Is tracking even possible when hosting your elearning in SharePoint 2013 rather than an LMS?  If so - what, specifically is it possible to track (learner name? progress? quiz results? completion?)
  2. If tracking is possible, is there a resource that explains in layman's terms the different options with settings that need to be applied in order to track learner data via SharePoint?  Is there a "best way" to setup and host e-learning content in SharePoint 2013 with regards to tracking data? 
  3. If tracking is not possible, would setting up a basic free Moodle environment to host the content be a worthwhile project to pursue? 

I hope this isn't a duplicate of another post - I've had a look around the forums and many posts touch on the answers I'm looking for without giving the definitive answers I'm looking for.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Emily!

Articulate Storyline is designed primarily as an e-learning development tool to be used in conjunction with Articulate Online or your own learning management system (LMS). Tracking results in a text file or database isn't supported. You can check out the information here to understand what is sent to the LMS for tracking.

Any LMS that is compliant with SCORM, AICC, or Tin Can API will provide accurate tracking capabilities and I know that Moodle is one.

Hopefully some Sharepoint users will be able to chime in and assist you here, but we do advise an LMS and we have many Moodle users in the community if that is what you pursue.

Dan Marsden

Sharepoint doesn't come with a SCORM player out of the box - there is a community developed extension that can be installed on your sharepoint server but I haven't used it myself:

You will need your sharepoint admin/sys admin team to install this for you (this may pose a challenge getting approval) - alternatively if you have a small number of learners you could try using the free moodle cloud -

Emily Gallichan

Thank-you for the responses so far - I'll look further into the extension you linked to Dan. 

Unfortunately I don't think MoodleCloud is an option for us - I believe that's capped at 50 users and we have 160-170 users.  So I'm guessing that if we went down the Moodle route, it would have to be either self-installed / managed and  hosted on a local server or we'd have to outsource the hosting / setup to a Moodle partner.

Has anyone used LMS365 before? It's come up in my research...

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