Getting EMAIL from LMSAPI

I'm using the javascript snippets found here in the community to grab usernames from LMS and incorporate them into the course content as well as feeding them into external URLs (SmartSheet forms) when users click to send feedback or ask followup questions.


It would be dreamy if there we some way to pull the email address out of the LMS.  I checked the LMSAPI.js file in the Storyline output and nothing in there looks promising.   

Any suggestion on how this might be accomplished? (pull email into a variable in the course)

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Russell Killips

Hello Jerry,

Unfortunately an Email Address field isn't part of the SCORM Data Model.

You can check out whats available in the SCORM Data Model by checking out:

However, some LMS's use an Email Address for the learner's ID.

For SCORM 1.1 and SCORM 1.2 check out cmi.core.student_id

For SCORM 2004 check out cmi.learner_id