Getting Incorrect on all slides during review

When reviewing the assessment results, (allowing the learner to review the quiz), the red banner at the bottom with a X Incorrect shows up on every slide even when correct answers have been chosen. Has anyone experienced this? Is there something on the results slide that needs adjusting? I am not finding the error. Thanks for any help.


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kathy

check the quiz slide properties if they are set to 'reset to initial state' - if so try changing to automatically decide.

What happens on Review the timeline of the slide is starting again and SL thinks the quiz question hasn't been answered if you have 'reset to initial' selected so it shows the Incorrect banner - take a look and see if any of the radio buttons are not selected that will be indicator that it is resetting.

If that is not the issue, can you share your .story file and someone can try to help you.