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May 14, 2013

I am looking to have some way in the middle of a course the user click a button to see if they are a winner.  This would then callout to a website that would randomly see if the user was a winner or not.  I would like to to be so the users info (Name, etc...) would be given to the website to check if they have entered before for the contest and to then record if they are a winner.  All the info gathering on the websites end I don't have a question about, because I will not be working on that part, just the fact of how to hand over that info to the website.  I know you can have the user type in their name at the start of the course so even if I can't get the info I guess from the LMS then I could do that and the course would have the users name to give to a website.  I can look at options for doing things like this because I am just trying to get some type of promotion like this "your a winner" to work.  Open to anything you can think would help or be a little different option. 

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Sam Carter

Storyline supports optional JavaScripts, or better, embedded Web Objects which can contain both HTML, CSS, and other support files.  

Within JavaScript, you can interrogate a SCORM LMS to get the full student name, and a student ID which will help identify different students with the same names.

To query the server with JavaScript you'll need cross-browser Ajax support.   Suggest you use jQuery or some similar library, to query a remote server reliably from any browser or tablet device.  Get the result back to inform the learner if he's a winner or loser.

Sounds like you have server software experience so this may be reasonable for you to do.  The code itself isn't overly complex, but it isn't trivial to develop and debug embedded JavaScript in client-side eLearning that communicates with a server.

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