Getting my guide Glenda to stay in her bubble where she belongs.

Oct 30, 2012

Hello all,

Meet Glenda - my guide in a bubble.  She pops up throughout my course to help direct learners. I am wondering if there is a trick to making Glenda fit in her bubble.   Normally I'd crop the character head shot using photoshop so her shoulders would be inside the circle (like a cameo).  However, I'm assuming that if I do that I'd lose all the character interactivity.  Any suggestions for making this look better?

Also, the graphic appear to be a bit fuzzy.  Are there restrictions when scaling down?

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James Brandwood

Hi Betsy,

You can actually use PowerPoint to make 'hole' in your white square and then bring it into Storyline, that way Glenda can be behind the square and appear to be in the circle.

This screener will help, but you may need to add the commands 'Shape Intersect' and 'Shape Subtract' to your 'home' ribbon.

James Brandwood

No worries Betsy,

I actually got that link for the screener from a webinar by Tom Kuhlmann - which has since been added here.

I think it is relevant to PowerPoint 2007 and 2010... I think.

If you do decide to upgrade to PowerPoint 2010 be aware that there are some glitches as 2007 and 2010 aren't entirely compatible when editing 2007 presentations in 2010. Particularly when it comes to hyperlinks, linking within the presentation or out of it. Although now I am using Storyline and not Studio I pretty much only use PowerPoint as an image editor.

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