Getting Print Results to Output into PDF or Word

I am wondering if anyone knows how to ge the "Print Results" button to output test results, questions, etc. into either a PDF, Word, or text document? When I hit the "Print Results" button now, it ouputs as an XPS file. This is not a file format that will work with any systems we have here. Is this even possible?

I know it likely isn't supported by Articulate, but I'm thinking maybe someone else has run into this issue, and could help.

Any advise if welcome!

Thank you!

Brian J. Johnson

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Kev Raspin

Hi Brian, If i understand your question, i am struggling with the same thing here.

We want to allow our 'mobile' staff to undertake a course 'offline' via USB stick or CD and then save the results as a PDF or Word Document and then email to us when they have a decent connection, some of out there cannot get a mobile data connection until they arrive home at night!

This is going to need to be as Automated and simple as possible as some of the end users may be less than comfortable navigating around print options etc.

If i have any joy in the meantime i'll let you know!

The Community might be able to help us out in the meantime if we're lucky!

Good Luck!


Kevin Raspin

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Brian,

Do you have Microsoft XPS Document Writer listed in your Printers? If so, and you print to it and it will create a .xps(XML Paper Specification) document, and you may want to disable it as a printer option. For example, when I click print results within my Storyline files, it generates an new browser window, and from there I can choose to print it as a PDF or save it as a PDF. 

Kev, welcome to the E-Learning Heroes community! There isn't a way to automate the save as PDF process or have it emailed, but you could modify the end of your course to include these instructions for your users. 

As you mentioned, the community may have some other ideas.