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Oct 01, 2014

Hi there,

So far, I've posted 3 new threads and each one has been addressed very constructivly by others in this forum. Thank you for that... I hope to contribute in the future.

What is the best source for help with Storyline 2? Is it this forum? Seems so...

How do you search for past posts in this forum? I only see the "Search" field in the header of this page and I can't seem to get it to do anything useful. I've searched for single key words like "chromeless" expecting to bring up a link to the very helpful post on making the player transparent that someone told me about earlier today.

No matter what I search for using that search feature, it returns "no match found"... very frustrating!

At the moment I'd like to find any posts discussing ways to pop up a message to the student so I someone can tell me the proper way to search these forums, that is the first thing I'll do!



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Peter Hoyt

Hi Ana,

Thanks for the response about the search feature. I agree, it appears broken so hopefully someone will fix it tomorrow.

For my popup message, I just used a javascript call to one line of code: alert("This isn't working yet"); and that worked just fine for now. I am still working along the learning curve and trying to work out details as I go along. I'll have more questions tomorrow!



Ana Lucia Barguil
Bruce Graham


Search has been broken for months - it is being sorted but its taking a long time. Instead, just Google with "Articulate Heroes + text" in the search, or use, both work just fine.

There are dozens of "Search does not work" threads, which is ironic as you cannot find/see them using Search

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