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Good day to All, 

I am completely new to Articulate and Storyline. I am creating a short, straight forward starter project which is for our new employees entering into business. My colleague has provided me with some insight in a quick training session and I have watched the tutorials now as I want to learn how to really do this well. 

My question is - my colleagues has advised that I use Slide Master as a starting point and then grow off of that into new slides. When I go through the tutorials, nothing is mentioned about Slide Master. Please could someone offer me some guidance around this? I would just like to understand best practice in getting my project started and what these different options mean. 


Many thanks


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Dave Cox

Hi Jemma,

Slide masters provide a base look for any slide in your project. If you have some element that you want on every slide, or a particular look that you want on every slide, you would put that on a slide master. Then, when ever you create a new slide, you can select that master, and your slide will have all of the element that were created on that particular master.

Even if you don't realize it, you are always using a slide master. When you select new slide, and select a Basic Layout, you are in reality selecting a master slide to start from. You can also right-click on a slide at any time and select apply layout, selecting a different master slide.

If you want to modify master slides, or add new slides, go to the view tab, and you can select the Slide master to edit the master slides, or the Feedback Master to edit quiz feedback slides.

I hope this answers your question.