Getting Started Video not same functionality on free download

Hi! You're tips and tricks have been wonderful so far, but when I downloaded my free Storyline 2 Version it didn't have the same options the "Get Started" video had.  Is that because it's simply the free version?  Specifically, I've done everything the video directed, but when I select "states" on the trigger for my character, it doesn't give me the option to change her state to "happy," but instead only options for the button states (selected, down, etc.) 

Thoughts?  Thanks!!

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Suzanne

You can try tricking it by going to the states tab and duplicating the 'normal' state and creating a 'happy' state and then see if you can trigger that way.

You may need to reinstall SL2 if you are not seeing all the things you should be

Here are a couple of links about repair and erratic behaviour that might help

Bruce Graham

Hi Wendy - no...the photos and illustrations operate in completely different ways.

You do not have to use layers, (although you can if you want to use Triggers, perhaps click a button or do something to change an expression...), you can just change one to another on the Timeline. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

Shout if you need any more help.

Emily Ruby

Hello Suzanne,

With the photographic characters, you will need to insert another character with the expression you need to get them to change. You can add them on the timeline, and move them within the timeline as needed, or you can add the images to states if you want to use triggers.

Attached is a file with 2 other ways to achieve this.