Getting the learner engaged while watching video

Sep 25, 2012

Hi Heros!  

I'm working with a client that has a set of videos of therapist/client interactions, case studies essentially.  I'm breaking up these role-modeling videos and putting them in Storyline online learning modules.  I'm trying to come up with clever ways to get the learner to be engaged while watching instead of just passivily watching.  So far I have these conventions:

1) "look for"  where I give the learner something to look for while watching

2) "what did you see?"  here I ask them to identify some of the things they saw (or didn't see).

3) "what would you do?" where I pause the video and ask the learner to give the next step

I have LOTS of these videos, and I'm getting bored with just these three conventions.  Anyone have a brainstorm?



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Simon Perkins

Hi Cynthia

Has anyone investigated what the learners need to get out of watching each video?   Maybe some specifics as well as some bigger picture stuff?  Or maybe you've done this already, hence the "look for" etc?

Are you breaking them down into bite-size chunks?  E.g. I had about 10 x 10 minute videos to build into a course a while back and managed to break them into 60-90 second snippets.  Introduced mini-scenarios and reflective assessments inbetween.

Do you need to use them all?  What do the SMEs say?  Have you got any feedback from a pilot group re length/relevance of using so many videos?

Cynthia Phelps

Excellent points Simon.  Before we go into the video case studies, I outline all of the skills the therapist is going to use, so the learner does know what they are going to get out of it.  Basically the learners are therapists themselves learning a new set of skills.  I'm doing my best to break it into chunks and I have gotten rid of about 1/2 of the video that I thought was less relevant or redundant.   I don't really have a choice on the video format, it is being dictated by the client. 

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