Getting the next button from hidden to normal when revisiting a page

Dec 31, 2020

Hi all and hope you can help (using 360).

On opening the 'Menu slide', the Next button is disabled.

The learner then has to click on eight different numbers, each of which takes the learner to another single page (in the same scene). As they click the number (a graphic) it changes state to 'visited' . On return from the visiting page, they then select another number. Only when the sate of all eight numbers is 'visited' the next button is triggered to become normal'. - 

When I preview just the slide, it works fine, but when I preview the scene or entire project the Next button remains hidden. 

This has obviously something to do with the trigger for hiding the Next button as every time you return to the menu page it sees the trigger to disable and ignores that all the numbers are visited. I have tried 'resume saved state' 'automatically decide' and 'reset to initial state' with no luck.  I have also tried triggering the Next button to disable on objects timelines rather than on slide opening but still no luck.

Any help very much appreciated from you experts.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Walt Hamilton


Eight objects that need to be in Visited State is too many. Four or five seems to be the limit of the "When state of..." trigger. What you are going to have to do is to use variables to set Next to disabled and Normal.
Create a variable for each page to be visited, and at the end of that page, change the variable to true. Return the menuing slide to initial state, so the timeline states. Then set Next to Normal when the timeline starts, if all eight variables are true.
Resetting the menu to initial state will cause a loss of "Visited" state, so you will need to create your own state. I call mine "Completed". When the timeline starts, the icons which have been visited (variables are true), are set to completed, and if all are true, Next is set to Normal.
There is a sample of how this works at this discussion: There are three different levels that the learners have over when to visit which topic, but they all show the custom Next button when a predetermined number of pages have been visited.