Getting time and date in the flash Articulate output.

Aug 09, 2013

Hi Guys,

I would greatly appreciate your help.

I am looking to fetch the time and date when the end user starts one of our modules. I know this can be achieved through Javascript, and I have managed to get that working.

However, if the user uses the flash version, obviously the Javascript will not work.

I have tried creating a web object and importing it into Articulate. Additionally I could make a separate flash SWF file with Actionscript and import that, however I need articulate to read the date and time and set its local variables for our LMS.

The code below is in Javascript, it sets the Articulate variables. Is there a way to do this in Actionscript within Articulate?

var player = GetPlayer();

player.SetVar("date",(dd + "/" + mm +"/"+ yyyy));

If the Articulate gods can help I would be ever so grateful. 

Kind regards 


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