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Walt Hamilton

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but looking at the picture; yes, there is something wrong with your story. The bad news is that it isn't a bug with SL, so it is something specific to this story. Beyond that I, at least have no idea.

If you strip out the proprietary material and send just that slide, there are two possible positive outcomes: As you take things out, you may discover the element that is causing the problem, or you can attach it here, and someone else can help you with it.

Or, you can wait, and a staff member will show up and give you a link where you can send it directly to them privately.

Sorry I can't be more help.

Char Larkin

Hi Walt,  Well here is how I set up this slide --- I suspect that it just might be a corrupt slide.

- This is a quiz where all but this slide were created using variables and triggers.  It is a keeping score type quiz/game. 

- This slide included a multiple response and I just could not figure out how to get the variables to apply to a multiple response slide, therefore, I decided to use a Quiz Multiple Response slide just to make it easier for myself since the variables and triggers are built in.   

- Because I cannot swap out the master layout for a Quiz template, I copied and pasted all of the slide elements into the Multiple Response Quiz slide. 

I now seem to have one Ghost shape that I just can't seem to fix. 

As a result, I am suspicious that it must might be corrupt because of my copying and pasting the text, shapes and images onto this multiple response quiz template slide. 

I wanted to save myself some work, but what I might do today is just start this quiz slide from scratch to see if the ghost shape/text will be remedied. 

Thanks for your feedback to me!



Char Larkin

Walt, thanks again for your suggestion.  I did try importing the slide into a clean story file with the same result.  I decided to rebuild the slide from scratch and now I have two corrupt slides.  This problem only displays in Preview and Publish BTW. 

Leslie, learning how to import was not my problem, but thanks anyway. 

I have the two slides to show someone.  Perhaps eHeroes can take a look? 

Thank you!


Char Larkin

Wow, Walt.  It never had occurred to me that my States were different when selecting the correct responses to set up this quiz slide.   I had no idea that the preexisting States would change. 

Amazing how many hours we spend on an issue that can be so easily remedied.  :( 

Thanks very much for taking the time to help me! 

Have a great day,