Ghost Triggers?

I have been trying to practice with Triggers and adjusting a variable.

I create a True/False variable to change the state of a button on a revisited slide from Normal to Visited. 

At first, when I revisited the slide, the button disappeared altogether and I couldn't get the triggers to change the state.

So I removed the triggers which adjusted the variable and changed the button state.

Then the triggers worked properly (the ones I had just deleted).

What am I doing wrong?

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Michael Shannon

Christopher. It's difficult to get a full grasp on what's happening without seeing your file. But, the first thing I would suggest when you are trying to interact with button states using variables/triggers is to NOT use visited. The visited state provides feedback to the learner that that button has been clicked. Depending on how you set up your revisits (and other things) your visited state is not persistent. 

I would recommend creating a "completed" state (this would be your own custom state). You could make it look exactly like your "visited" state. Then use the "completed" with your vars/triggers. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christopher,,

Also there are certain states that don't need triggers as they're going to behave as described here.  So that behavior may account for what you're seeing, but if you'd like we can always take a look at you're .story file. You'll just want to upload here using the "add attachment" button.