"Ghost windows" in screen recordings


I'm using Storyline 2. I'm experiencing a problem with - for lack of a better term - "ghost windows" when I make screen recordings in Storyline. It happens when I drag a window from one location to another.

Because the problem is a bit hard to explain in words, I've attached a short recording that clearly shows the issue. 

Is there a way to record that avoids this problem? 


- Jennifer

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Jennifer -- I appreciate your patience while I tested your file, and I saw the same behavior you had described where an odd "trail" of additional windows was being created when the box was being dragged, and this behavior was present in Preview, as well as here in the SCORM Cloud. I cannot say that I have encountered that behavior previously, so I reached out to a few colleagues and was informed that the issue may be related to the machine/drivers/app being recorded thank SL2 itself.

As such, it was recommended that our Support Engineers take a closer look at the matter for you. I will go ahead and set you up in a case momentarily and a member of that team will be in touch as soon as possible with additional insights. I plan to follow along with their progress and will share relevant updates here for others who may benefit. :)

Jennifer Williams

Here is an update of sorts after working with Support and doing some experimenting on my own.

The good news is that this problem is unlikely to affect anyone else and it's not the result of any settings in Storyline. It appears to be confined to a single interaction in an application that is produced by my company. Everything else except that one interaction - including other interactions in the same application - record just fine. 

Naturally, however, this one interaction is the one I need to simulate. .. What I finally ended up doing was recording the interaction in Camtasia. The ghost window problem also occurs in Camtasia, but I can get around it if I move the window very, very slowly, then speed that section of the recording up when I edit.


- Jennifer